At Muzila Plumbing in West Covina, serving the entire San Gabriel Valley, we believe in providing you quality plumbing services and to do so in an honest and transparent fashion. We have all heard stories about dishonest plumbers who when they come to your home, plumbing problems pop up right and left. You won’t, however, hear these stories about Muzila Plumbing because we have built honesty and transparency right into our business model. We know that old-fashioned values like integrity, courtesy and hard work aren’t just buzz-words for marketers–they are the foundation of a succesful business and we expect them of all our employees. How are we different from other plumbing contractors?

Muzila Plumbing is an Independent Plumbing Company

We are not a large corporate business. We know exactly who we have sent to your home or business. We know them and know they are capable of the job and worthy of trust. In addition, because we are independent, our plumbers are not pressured to sell you on expensive fixtures or packages. Because we keep our plumbing decisions in-house, plumbing decisions are made on the basis of your needs, not some kind of outside interest. This means that our plumbers are free to choose the best materials for the job at your home or business. Plumbing supplies and services can be affordable, if chosen for the right reasons.

We Take the Time to Accurately Diagnose your Plumbing Needs

Where many other plumbing companies thrive on numbers, quickly giving only cursory estimates of damage and then moving on to their next assessment, Muzila Plumbing takes the time to really find out what your plumbing problem is and give you a clear assessment of what it will cost and how long it will take to fix it. Although there are situations where estimates will need to be adjusted because of unforeseen circumstances, we strive to avoid these events by accurately assessing the work needed from the initial visit. There is nothing more frustrating than being given one quote on an initial visit and then having that quote raised in the middle of a job when work is already underway. We do the best we can to offer you a clear indication of what work we know will need to be done, but also indicate what factors might alter the estimate, so there are as few surprises as possible once we set foot on your property. Plumbing estimates, we believe, should always be as clear as possible.

We Offer First Class Plumbing Services

As your plumber, Muzila Plumbing will make sure to keep costs down when possible and to offer you full value for your money. Regardless of whether you are an individual home owner or have a problem at your business property, plumbing service should be provided at affordable prices.

We are An Experienced and Professional Plumbing Service

You want your plumbing problem solved, but you don’t want an unqualified “Wanna be” Plumber to take care of it. You want a certified Journeyman Plumber that will fix your problems the first time, so that you don’t have to deal with more leaks and damage later on down the road. At Muzila Plumbing, we have experienced plumbers to work on your leaking gas lines, sewers and water lines.

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Our plumbers have the experience and knowhow to make sure that a small problem doesn’t develop into a large one and that your problem gets fixed quickly and correctly

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with as little hassle to you as possible. We are convinced that when you hire Muzila Plumbing, You will never want to hire another plumber. We get our motto from our many satisfied customers who have told us over and over how we offer the best services without upselling or being dishonest.

So if you need a plumber, call us at (626) 404-8574. Muzila will make the problem go away without creating another problem in your wallet.